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22 February 2018

Swisscom's Aggressive Marketing Campaign

UPDATE (22 février 2018):  Swisscom has announced it will install the first test 5G antenna in Ittigen in March and if all goes well, the Swisscom mobile network will be connected to 5G at the end of 2018. No mobile phone, however, in Switzerland will be equipped with this technology which is expected to arrive on the market only in 2019. Installation of 5G technology will greatly increase the harm being done to the health of the population from exposure to radiofrequency radiaiton.

Limit values for mobile phone antennas must be raised to accommodate 5G. There is great resistance from the Swiss population, however parliamentarians say they do not want to receive any more letters from individuals with regard to this issue. The next vote on the increase of limit values will take place in early March by the National Councillors, members of the Committee on Transport and Communications. Do we have a hope of a vote in our favor? The Confederation has the majority of shares in Swisscom and most likely, once again, money will take precedence over health.

Swisscom's Aggressive Marketing Campaign
1st April 2017

California: New Cell Towers Get Bad Reception

New Cell Towers Get Bad Reception
By Gary Walker, The Argonaut, 21 February

A small cell phone tower suddenly appeared right outside
Rennee Salvestrini's balcony.
Del Rey residents say small ones keep popping up right outside their homes

Once characterized by light industrial uses and relegated to “Marina-adjacent” status, the Los Angeles neighborhood of Del Rey is rapidly filling in with new housing and office space.

This evolution has brought with it a deluge of new cell phone towers, infuriating many residents who believe they have little choice about where telecom companies install them. And to a large extent, they’re right.

“The reality is that as our state and federal laws are written, they are allowed to build these [towers],” said Matt Wershing, a member of the Del Rey Neighborhood Council and the chairman of its land use and planning committee.

21 February 2018

GENERATION ZAPPED Is A Five Alarm Wake-Up Call About The Radiation In Our Midst

"This documentary is not a diatribe or a political polemic but a balanced and intelligent clarion call for awareness and action."

BWW Review: GENERATION ZAPPED Is A Five Alarm Wake-Up Call About The Radiation In Our Midst

by Herbert Paine broadwayworld.com
20 February 2018

We are under attack! We are exposed! Not speaking here of the usual suspects, but of invisible and potentially harmful, if not deadly waves of radiation that are invading our bodies, our brains and our organs, with potentially devastating effects. This is the essence of Sabine El Gemayel's documentary wake-up call, GENERATION ZAPPED.

If, by the conclusion of seventy-four minutes of compelling evidence and riveting interviews, you are not ready to enroll in a crusade against the unrestrained proliferation in our environment of the instruments of wireless technology, you may at the very least have serious second thoughts about the safety of your smartphones and modems and laptops and, most certainly, about the future health and well-being of all our children.

That's how engaging and consciousness raising is this dramatic exploration of the explosion of radiation in our midst.

Be sure that this documentary is not a diatribe or a political polemic but a balanced and intelligent clarion call for awareness and action.

Noise Levels Dialled Up As School's Total Phone Ban Gets Kids Talking

McKinnon students Xavier Verdnik (16), Catherine
Braniska (14) and Louisa D'Ambra (13) have to lock
their phones away in their lockers. 
Photo:  Joe Armao
"Schools should be teaching students how to use the devices correctly."

Noise levels dialled up as school's total phone ban gets kids talking
by Henrietta Cook, theage.com.au
20 February 2018

McKinnon Secondary College’s decision to ban mobile phones had an unexpected side effect.

The schoolyard became much louder during recess and lunch.

"I hadn’t anticipated the level of noise," principal Pitsa Binnion said.

"There was laughter, people were actually interacting and socialising."

While many schools have banned mobile phones during class time, the high-performing state school in Melbourne’s south-east decided to go one step further.

'Banning Mobile Phones in Swedish Schools Is As Obvious As Banning Smoking'

Pupils at a Swedish school handing in their mobile phones.
Photo:  Anders Wiklund/TT
'Banning mobile phones in Swedish schools is as obvious as banning smoking'
thelocal.se, 20 February 2018

Mobile phone usage in schools is hurting the health and relationships of children, so it's time to ban them during class time, argue three Swedish child health experts.

When the first reports of the risks of smoking came in the 1960s and 70s they were dismissed with scorn. Having smoking areas in schools was natural. Today smoking in school is unthinkable.

Some may consider a ban on using smartphones in schools to be excessive, but the growing dependency of children on digital media points towards a different attitude within a couple of decades.

An important cause for concern is that the brain's development can be negatively affected.

Silicon Valley Parents Are Raising Their Kids Tech-Free

Kids at Brightworks School use power tools instead of
digital ones. 
"Former employees at major tech companies, some of them high-level executives, have gone public to condemn the companies' intense focus on building addictive tech products. The discussions have triggered further research from the psychology community, all of which has gradually convinced many parents that a child's palm is no place for devices so potent.

" 'The tech companies do know that the sooner you get kids, adolescents, or teenagers used to your platform, the easier it is to become a lifelong habit,' Koduri.  It's no coincidence, he said, that Google has made a push into schools with Google Docs, Google Sheets, and the learning management suite Google Classroom.

Silicon Valley parents are raising their kids tech-free — and it should be a red flag
by Chris Welleruk.businessinsider.com, 18 February 2018

  • Silicon Valley parents can see firsthand, either through living or working in the Bay Area, that technology is potentially harmful to kid
  • Many parents are now restricting, or outright banning, screen time for their children.
  • The trend follows a long-standing practice among high-level tech executives who have set limits for their own children for years.
  • This is an installment of Business Insider's "Your Brain on Apps" series that investigates how addictive apps can influence behavior.

United Kingdom: MPs Set to Investigate the Harmful Effects of Excessive Use of Smartphones and Social Media Amid Fears for Children's Mental Health

Experts fear that social media may be conditioning kids to
become dependant on 'Likes'.
MPs set to investigate the harmful effects of excessive use of smartphones and social media amid fears for children’s mental health

By Lynn Davidson, Whitehall Correspondent,
thesun.co.uk, 21 February 2018

MPs are probing the possibility that excessive smartphone and social media use may be harmful to kids, conditioning them to depend on likes and attention online

A PROBE on excessive use of smart phones and social media is launched by MPs today amid fears of youngsters’ wellbeing.

20 February 2018

“More Than a Coincidence” - A Second Large Study has Found Schwannomas in the Hearts of Male Rats Exposed to Cell Phone Radiation

“More Than a Coincidence”
Microwave News, 20 February 2018

New Large Animal Study, Like NTP’s, Links RF to Schwannoma of the Heart

It’s happened again.

A second large study has found tumors in the Schwann cells —schwannomas— in the hearts of male rats exposed to cell phone radiation.

The new finding comes from the Ramazzini Institute in Bologna, Italy.

The malignant schwannomas of the heart seen in the Italian study are the same as those described by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) earlier this month as the basis for their concern that cell phone radiation, both GSM and CDMA, can lead to cancer. Ramazzini embarked on its RF project in 2005, about the same time as the NTP effort was taking off.

Wales: We Need to Protect Wales from the Harmful Effects of Modern Wireless Technologies

We need to protect Wales from the harmful effects of modern wireless technologies
by Annelie Fitzgerald, Opinion, nation.cymru
20 February 2018

The pioneering Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 is an ambitious piece of legislation which aims to improve the quality of life for people in Wales.

The Act requires public bodies in Wales to carry out sustainable development in order to achieve the seven well-being goals it sets out.

The WFG Act seeks to prevent short-sighted policy-making, “where things done to meet short-term needs may have detrimental long-term effects.”

The environmental issue at the heart of the WFG Act is climate change. However, the terms of the legislation mean that public bodies in Wales must now take action on another environmental issue: anthropogenic radiofrequency radiation (RFR).

Man-made RFR is a growing yet invisible form of environmental pollution.

NTP Cell Phone Radiation Cancer Study: A Public Health Perspective

National Toxicology Program Finds Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer
saferemr.com, 20 February 2018

NTP Cell Phone Radiation Cancer Study: A Public Health Perspective

The $25 million National Toxicology Program (NTP) cell phone radiation study proves that long-term exposure to low intensity, non-thermal levels of cell phone microwave radiation can cause cancer and DNA damage in an animal model. This is the second study our federal government conducted which found that low intensity microwave radiation caused cancer.

The NTP study is the missing link.

In conjunction with recently published case-control research in humans that found an association between long-term, heavy cell phone use and brain tumor risk (glioma and acoustic neuroma also known as vestibular schwannoma), and hundreds of studies that found increased oxidative stress (including stress proteins, free radicals and DNA damage) from exposure to low intensity microwave radiation, the NTP study should empower the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer to re-classify radio frequency radiation from its current classification, “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (Group 2B), to “probably carcinogenic to humans” (Group 2A) or “carcinogenic to humans” (Group 1).